Mother Lode of Mint

Even though it’s been compared to toothpaste, since I first tasted Chocolate Mint ice cream (at Baskin-Robbin’s, back in Tarzana, twelve cents a scoop) I have been smitten. Luckily in college they only had it on Fridays, so I didn’t turn into a blimp.

These days (which happen to be in the 80’s Fahrenheit) I pass the neighborhood fancy grocer at least three times a week, there is a one in a million chance I’ll find exactly that in there.

Yesterday was the day. But not just one mint chip pint–thirty of them. Two different kinds: a ‘paleo’ ice cream touting its “no added sugar” (hmmmmm, by the name of Rebel, and the other one was a vegan product labeled chocolate mint. They were melted, but I could freeze ’em back up.

So here’s a shot of just a few of them. I don’t have much freezer space (hoarder! of food! and forgetter! of what’s in there! Especially! in the back!)
And how to deal with all this plunder?
Apply directly to the thighs, in a circular motion, every night?
No… but it’s a well known fact that I treat any container of icecream (pint, quart, half gallon) as a ‘serving’ which is ….evidence of a  problem. Internally ‘applied’.

mint chipNot sure if it’s OK to have a party yet–we’re in week ten of coronavirus quarantine, and parties are (for good reason) frowned upon.

Will report anon…

It’s safe to say this was another $200 (or more) score.


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