Kim Severson Rocks

I just read her story Rice That’s Rich With History–about the grain, Oryza glaberrima, also called upland bearded red rice and the canny Africans that cultivated it next to their slave’s quarters…and how it was thought to have died out, but was discovered flourishing in Trinidad, where the descendants of dozens of helpful slaves who took arms against their American owners to side with the British in the war of 1812 were rewarded with acreage….in the Caribbean. (Hate to think who THEY deposed when given their allotted per-person 16 acres….)

Anyway it’s a killer read and it led me to Anson Mills, workaholic obsessive growers and purveyors of grains and products you will not find in the best health food store in the country (Good Earth here in Fairfax).  That led me to buy 100 bux worth of their finest…

My ‘cart’ :

2x Antebellum Coarse White Grits – bag / 12 oz for $5.95 each
1x Farro Piccolo – bag / 12 oz for $7.95 each
1x Handmade Toasted Stone Cut Oats – box / 10 lb for $59.50 each
1x Laurel-Aged Charleston Gold Rice – bag / 14 oz for $7.95 each
1x Sea Island Benne Seeds – box / 1 lb for $10.95 each

I submit this to you to illustrate how a somewhat unmoneyed individual can save a lot of dough with half a lifetime of gleaning, thus freeing up funds for impulse purchases made after reading a really good news story which I realize is more than ever, a vehicle for getting us Americans to buy, buy buy.



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