No Calorie Left Behind


"what a gift we have in cheeses"

I dug into a cellophane sack of debris from my fave food-depot, and saw a handful of hard cheese rinds (smells like parmigiano but there’s no blue Reggiano tattoos) with at least five mm of perfectly good cheese left.
Back at home the big question becomes: do I still have that cool kitchen gadget, the Mouli grater? For pack rats, retrieval is always an issue.

One kitchen drawer  is full of seldom-used (=never)  “conveniences” : garlic tube made of latex!  Horn–handled meat forks! Ditto fondue! Abalone shell spoons! An entanglement of riches.

Still, I’d have grated my knuckles bloody rather than throw out that precious cheese..but the Mouli surfaced within seconds of prying the  three plastic funnels out from behind the drawer.

Blew out the resident spider, and popped a rind into the carousel (I just made that name for the rotating barrel with the grating holes in it) and with a VERY satisfying turn or two I had a small pile of downy cheese-dandruff mounded on the cutting board.
The pic barely shows it but I didNOT throw out the extremely thin chips of rind: those go in soup stock, don’t you know?


3 thoughts on “No Calorie Left Behind

  1. we also give the rinds to Patti O the dog for special supper treat, heard that is what the dogs in France eat don’t ya know

  2. Jacquie, do you know ze microplane? Tres chic, tres quick! And good for ze cheezes that don’t fit in ze Mouli. Mine gets used enough it ends up living on the counter, not in the “kitchen gifts” drawer… and (shock! gasp!) it’s *affordable* (twelve bucks?) for a hoity kitchen tool, given that it lasts ’bout forever.

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