Joe & Kim’s Volunteer Garden

Chard! Cilantro! Rocket!

All growing madly in the little raised circular patch in Flagstaff…One look at their abundant (and somewhat gone-to-seed) vegetable patch kicked my culinary chakra in to high gear. 

“Sure, pick what you want…they are all plants that re-seeded themselves from last year…we hardly do anything with them.”

MMMMMmusic to my ears.
Within an hour we were slurping up a minestra inspired by all the Italian mamas who never throw anything away.
Someone in the household (not naming names) was pitching a small lunch-sized container of home made bean and hominy soup.
All it needed was my tomato paste (from the found-on-the-street tomatoes in SF last week) and all those greens. And a dash of chipotle sauce.


And musical.  Like old times…lift a cheek and issue an ‘opinion’ of the food.

Bad cook. BAD cook.


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