Breakfast @ Coastways

organic, fresh, and lots of them pre-tasted

organic, fresh, and lots of them pre-tasted

Tapioca only 11 months 'past date!'

Tapioca only 11 months 'past date!'

My breakfast the first day of the farm music party & farmhouse scrub-down was strawberries culled from the furrows–the pickers toss these ‘blems’ to the side, for people like me or maybe for compost…they needed more. Something sweet.
In the middle of the overstuffed refrigerator was a pair of tubs of this highly coveted processed comfort food aptly branded “Kozy Shack”. The date? Well, lookit the picture.
Those two things, super fresh/blemmed  and super-old (but untouched), plus a fried slab of bread and some tea…kept me stoked for a day’s farmwork.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast @ Coastways

  1. That cannot be! Kozy Shack puddings are far from processed. They’re made with only the freshest ingredients! No artificial preservatives or chemicals. I’ve been eating this stuff for years. I LOVE Kozy Shack!! I hope you didn’t get sick!

    • Dude! I ADORE Kozy Shack too!! I just meant that er… well, since it’s ‘hygenically’ produced (and sealed with that plastic inner lining)–AND that it smellt fine, I knew I’d be fine. It was great, I didn’t get sick (I never get sick, since my sense of smell is very sharp, I trust it…but as you might have seen from the mushroom dinner I had Nov 23 or so last year, I am not infallible.)
      THANK you for reading, and opining.
      I will never impugn that company, having subsisted on their tapioca and rice puddings long long after shelf date. So, do you think I should re-write this to absolve them?

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