Hoard Oeuvre

prep-hominy-vs-cornbozoleChinking Inside the BoxWith the freezer crammed and  nothing good in the fridge, one must take hammer and chisel to the (literal) ice box and free all the trapped parcels. Leave on the garden gloves, prevent frostbitten fingers. Carefully re-arrange everything. With less ice, there should be more storage space, but it never works out that way, so a massive meal has to be made.

One of the main drawbacks of the freezer is this white fluffy frost build up. And the fact that all those soup stock tubs swell up, top pops off, and god forbid the thing should ski out the door (onto your bare foot).

If it doesn’t bruise your foot, it shatters on impact….more fun, collecting chicken soup stock shards off the concrete.

Our appliances live  outside–fridge hum is unacceptable noise pollution.  Real Goods claims theirs is quiet, but it’s not.
Uh, but this was to be my Hoard Oeuvre…There’s a visitor coming next week, Jeff Yeager, aka the Ultimate Cheapskate. I figure I should have the tastiest possible, highly spiced ‘mature’ provender available.


A gallon of the finest quality unchlorinated water in a stainless steel, copper-bottomed pot.

carcasses of three roast organic chickens from Nov. 08.

Guajillo chiles from that time I went to La Palma mexicatessen in the Mission (circa 2005).

Fresh, olld (but still good) red bell pepper, onion, celery and carrot.

Frozen stock in need of using up.

Old polish sausage, chopped.

New can of hominy! Big one!

Boil all this together.

Note how good house smells.
Dredge up some for dinner.

Soupcon…of pure heaven.


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