Perfectly GOOD

Peaches n Regale-ya

Peaches n Regale-ya

Peaches rained down on the street side of our neighbor’s fence.  They must be too busy to deal with a rain of peaches. I have been eating as many as possible –n keeping w/ my credo that No Calorie Left Behind.

To some, the half-crushed, ripened yellow fruit slumping into the dirt is inedible.
Like the half-full glass optimists, I see the upside (literally) of the peach as entirely redeemable, and only the brown gooshy rotten bits need to be banished to the compost bucket. Surely there’s enough here for a peach crumble.
And indeed there was. But before I set to redeeming the good sides of the peaches, I took a quick picture. Note all the pits (I piled a few up for effect)…hundreds of these peaches were eaten by enthusiastic ruminants (which might be extra tasty around this time of year thanks to the season’s huge bounty…HMMMMM!!!)


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