Peach “Lasagne”

Peach Lasagne--exploded view

Peach Lasagne--exploded view

Tis Slow Food Weekend in San Francisco.  I have been looking forward to this all year, then surprised to find that so many events are out-of-reach (65 dollars to go to the ‘tasting pavillion’). I never enjoy overcrowded places, anyway.

Main missions:  attend Sandor Kraut’s fermentation workshop

Meet the great Marion Nestle..for whom I penned “Gobble Less Amerika” (sung to the tune of God Bless America). On Jan 1 this year I began a lively correspondence with her..see her blog for that day.
Stupendous sunny weather (which means fall is here…true summer is foggy and cold) and I almost felt like that twenty five year old young woman I used to be,  wandering town whereever whim directed, circling through the amazingly traffic-free streets.  Nearly no cars…on a Labor Day Weekend?

What gives?

Burning Man claims at least 20% of SF residents (only a slight exaggeration)

SundayStreets project by mayor Newsom: four miles of SF streets closed to cars from 9 til 1 on two diff. Sundays. An attempt to emulate Ciclovia of Bogota Colombia (50 miles of streets closed EVERY Sunday!!).

Out in Bernal district en route to Jim’s place, I saw good bread sweating in a huge plastic sack at the  Safeway/Mission St. parking lot…Semifreddi’s, an ace bakery, and their day-old is excellent. Despite an overloaded messynger bag, I crammed four loaves in: two ciabatta and one each of rustic sour and sour batard.

Wending my way home heavily laden as always.. I remembered about the ‘problem’ of too many peaches on neighbor Ted Brash’s tree…and sure enough, the last half mile I rode with a heavy, dripping sack banging against my front wheel.  Please please don’t break before I get home.. p.s.  please don’t get tangled in the fork and send me face-first.

Dear Rider, do not imitate the way I ride, fully laden and totally free of good judgement!

I phoned  my chef-consultant Jim Franicevich to double-check the recipe he had earlier shared ( a Top Secret Technique For Dealing With Too Many Peaches–if such a thing is possible).

Jim must have a neighbor like me, who waters his trees, and then shares the fruit all around the neighborhood.

To make “lasagna” with peaches:
Fry a dozen thinly sliced pieces of ciabatta or other light good bread in BUTTER.

Cut up about three pounds of peaches, dump in juice of a lemon and finely chopped zest, about a teasp. Pour in some booze. Jim used white wine. I used limoncello from my Wombat friend’s auntie. Add sugar “to taste” (I am guilty of NEVER tasting my food–proof that I’m not a serious cook–or that I love surprises! This evening I put about two seashell’s worth (no shit, see photo).

Put in some vanilla (I found powdered vanilla in Portugal when I raced there…much easier to control than the dark liquid in the dark jar.)

Make a crumble topping–the kind in apple crisp; flour, butter, brown sugar, some chopped nuts, salt, cinnamon.

Layer the greased pan (mine was not deep enough): bread, 1/2 peach slurry, bread, peaches, and then crumble topping.
Bake at 350 until the aroma grabs your attention (or 40-50 minutes).

Let sit awhile. Those bubbling sides will scald the hell out of your mouth..

oh, looky…another woman’s recipe (hmmm, must be where Jim got his? Or?)

She probably has nailed it better. I’m not much of a recipe-follower.


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