The Embarrassing Muchness of Plenitude

Can’t believe it’s a month since I scribbled down any food (or chamagne) related words of fizzdom.
Let’s see…arrange my chefette’s smock…look around the kitchen and realize that I’m going away for two months and had better throw all that great provender away.

This is in direct conflict with my Clean Plate Club upbringing.

But since I don’t want the very last thing I’m doing here at home to be :

hurling Perfectly Good Produce into the compost.

I’m doing it now, so the last thing I do in Marin will be ‘run around hunting for my passport’.

Trying to pack for 2 months,  keep it below 20 kg, of which nearly half of the weight is my home-cured olives…

Whenever I go anywhere, now more than ever, I pack food along partly for my friends and partly for myself. Our airlines provide food at shockingly high prices so having a lavish on-board picnic is the Gleaner’s Way. My choices for fare:

–Kettle chips (twice fried, twice the calories, very loud crunch. good for de-fusing the tension associated with flying, even though I adore flying somehow there’s tension)

–Strange Japanese peanut cookies (bet they’re more like candy, wrapped in edible rice paper)

–Several tins of fishy stuff: sardines, tuna, and best of all, a Portuguese fish paste, a delicious pate really, that I discovered in Portugal when racing there in 04. Great on

Crackers, only slightly over their pull date.

Ramen, organic. This is for my German friend Georges..

Yesterday the fridge and the pantry got the Ruthless Treatment, and the worms that flourish in the compost are having their best meal yet…You have to bury this sort of stuff (whole camembert cheeses, eggs, etc) very deep and surround with worms…whaddya mean this isn’t a food blog….maybe it should be a food for worms blog,eh?

No, really, this is my food blog.

I’m so panicky busy prepping for eight weeks of being gone (and no dumpsters to chow out of, SOB!)

that I ‘m forgetting to EAT. That really means something.

Food writing, write about food for people ya eedjit!

Yes: we made a stupendous luncheon for her royal Momjesty the mother in love, Mrs. Cunningham (Carol, newly rechristened Remy pronounced RAY mie):
Moroccan chicken

Perfect jasmine rice

Potato salad

Tomato salad

Death by Chocolate cupcakes

Really excellent green tea.

It was a feast.


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