Right Ingredients

The big test is coming…and we’d better prepare….Or we’ll flunk the final!!

The Scottish Government has begun a discussion with a campaign called
Choosing The Right Ingredients: The Future for Food In Scotland.
I get regular news from that country because I was there last summer and it seems I’m still unpacking my impressions of the land, the people and yes the provender. My shortbread supply is low, but it’s there.

The brochure uses the friendly first person:
“I would encourage everyone in Scotland to be part of this discussion. (I WAS in Scotland, does that mean tourists can have a say?) How do we guarantee a future for Scotland where our food is wholesome, healthy and produced in an environmentally and welfare-friendly way? (Gasp! They’re using ‘welfare’ in a positive context!!!)
Then he tosses out the buzzwords: Wealthier, healthier, fairer, safer, greener, stronger.
I look forward to developing Scotland’s first National Food Policy in partnership with you all.”
Cabinet Sect’y for Rural Affairs and the Environment
This is how their politicians talk?
Will Mr. Lochhead really listen?

(A cynical thought: here in Marin County, the authorities like the Municipal Water District have sessions for citizens to pour out their needs for the way the open lands are used and enjoyed, only to ignore them. They realize that people are ‘happier’ if they feel like they are ‘heard’ even when their needs are ignored).

Blanish those negative thoughts. Maybe these bonnie Lies are not over the ocean.
As Marion Nestle (food guru, gadfly, goddess) puts it, “why can’t we have something like this?”
I wanna know how come there’s no mention of exercise in the brochure, since fuel and movement go together, hand in mouth…?
I looked on the web to see what our country is doing to get the conversation going…
Oh, look, our Food & Drug Administration is asking for…”comments on the best way to calculate the percent daily value (DV), and on what nutrients get displayed.”
Sounds comprehensive, huh? A little more info on the wrapper. Great.

Look a little further…we have a “North American National Food Policy Council”…it just doesn’t have the same feel to it (see for yourself).
Maybe it’s a case of smaller is better: you get to know your constituency…and our country pits its citizens against one another in the most petty of squabbles, so there’s little energy or time for the bigger tasks.
Which suits big biz just fine.
After all, if your citizens are ‘healthier, wealthier, greener, stronger’…who is going to provide welfare for the hospital /drug industrial complex? And the building industry, hell, the business of ‘growth’ in general?
And your attention span has to be longer than a few minutes.
Heaven help us.
OK, I’m not finishing on an up note.
For me the up note is: I’m going to write more, think more about food politics, and perhaps see an opportunity to make connections in Fairfax grower’s groups (if they exist yet). See if the Transition Town concept is being considered in Marin.


2 thoughts on “Right Ingredients

  1. Would this be considered ‘cheating’ ?
    To steal ideas from the desk across the aisle?
    To profit from the hard work of that studious freckled kid?
    Or do we get sent to the principal, and put in detention for cribbing?

  2. …if there was nothing said of exercise it can not be complete.
    Without a certain amount of activity your fatburning rate declines more and more.
    With a low fatburning rate you cannot make use of your mainfueltank. You are running permanently on Reserve (sugar) which means, the feeling of hunger is always around the corner, because the sugartank is very small, compared to the fatfueltank.
    The feeling of hunger will be reduced by activity because the fatburning rate will raise step by step.
    There is no better feeling than to be on Main, instead on Reserve always looking for the next bite.

    What to eat?

    You will have to work on a shift in your feeling, (I want to say conciousness, but do not know how to spell it right).
    Not the taste at the very moment you eat something is most important, but the feelings that the food gives you afterwards.
    It doesn´t come easy.

    An example:

    You drink a glass of red wine, it tastes great, the feeling is good.
    A second glass, better yet.

    But how does it feel the next day?
    On your bike, uphill?
    This is a rough example but you know what I mean.

    Is it possible to judge the food just shortly after you ate it?
    Yes it is, to some extend.

    One criteria (in german kriterium), that I found I shall explain.

    Can a human exist without drinking?
    Yes, she/he/it can without any problem.
    (I have selftested it for six weeks)
    It only depends on the food you eat.

    If you make the decision,
    “I shall not drink anything”,
    you will find out very quickly what to eat and what to avoid.
    And it will teach you a lot about food and what it does to you.
    Food that doesn´t make you want to drink is good for you.
    I found no exeption from this rule.
    The great majority of processed (civilized), food makes you (very)thirsty.

    Mit frischen Gruessen


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