Mud Potion #9

mudpotion_9.jpgNow and then the cornucopia of cast-off food overruns with ingredients I wish I had all the time.
Cream, eggs and butter.
Entire months have gone by with none of them appearing at Back Door Catering Co, but that is not a true hardship. The bins runneth over in fine produce.
I’ve prepared vegan grub since the Wombat camps began in the eighties.
Those “macro-neurotic” gals, and the vegans needed to eat all day long to stay fuelled.
But the ol’ dairy case is where the ‘dense’ calories live.
I suspect most food billed as “low-fat“. If it came with fat in it, why not leave it alone, and just exercise your own self a bit?

Instead, they put the food on the industrial treadmill.
Strip it, buff it, and send it back out a starved little product instead of the humble & hefty ‘fare’ our great-great grandparents ate.
I read somewhere that butter and mayonnaise are actually good for a body…after a few decades of headlines stating the opposite. Our unregulated media seemed to yo-yo back and forth about the merits of this ingredient or that one… much as their unhappy diet-enslaved readership flips between low carb…high carb, low protein high protein.

Only the comedians cling to the steaks, fries, cupcakes, booze, nicotine and sugar (that makes about five food groups, doesn’t it?). Oh, don’t forget preservatives….


Three dozen eggs. Two gallons of cream. And a whole fifth of Irish whiskey found in a closet in Toad Hall, where the laird’s untouched booze stash sat forgotten for well over a year since his timely demise (nobody ever seems to use that term, but the opposite is a Major Cliche).

This means persimmon pudding tomorrow, with its half dozen eggs and two cups of cream.

Somewhere I recalled that you can fabricate your own Irish cream liqueur.
This last Hogmanay I mentioned “home made Bailey’s” to celebrated Scots radio DJ Tom Morton.

He corrected me on-air, saying, “Jacquie. it’s Irish cream liqueur”.

Can I call it Mud Potion Number Nine?
There is something libidinous and murky about this thick brown goop.
I had a can of sweetened condensed milk–a bonus– I was able to adhere to the recipe.

Ingredients to Mud Potion#9:

14 oz sweetened condensed milk
1-3/4 cup Irish whiskey or Scotch whisky or hell, vodka would probably do fine
4 beaten eggs
1 cup cream
2 tblsp chocolate syrup or powder
1 tblsp instant Coffee (powder)–Kahlua will do
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp coconut flavoring (if you find a source for NATURAL instead of imitation, tell me).

Put in a tightly capped jug, put in bicycle pannier and go for a bracing winter’s dirt ride (no more than an hour). The more rocky the terrain, the better.

Sample some on the ride, keep the rest up to a month under refrigeration, but it won’t last that long, I promise.
Serve over ice cream, under coffee, or neat—-in between the sheets.


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