Champagne Finance Reform

We forgot to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Last year, my friends “Team Nilsen” threw a fun bash, with a 60’s black light theme. Lizzie had the best glasses, a shiny plastic pair of 2007 spectacles, the O’s for the eyes. One room (the black light room) had helium balloons and their tails hung down to the ground, which meant there was a kind of underwater seaweed feel to the very warm room, throbbing with music.

I remember getting home the off-road way, at about 2 a.m, and feeling very proud of myself for staying up. Riding under the influence in an unlit, overgrown trail is one of life’s little pleasures and it’s always great to arrive home without a scratched cornea or broken femur.

Where does the champagne come in?

Well the next day Lizzie had a few unfinished bottles and asked if I could think of a use for them.
“Risotto, of course” I replied.

And when I picked them up and brought them home I realized that with a little orange juice and a drop of pomegranate syrup, it’s a perfectly adequate punch for the day after New Years, which probably has a Scots name but I forget it.


I decided that for the following year I had to have my own home made specs, and I cut out 2 sets from some pink foil card stock out of a recycling bin.

Hung them in the corner (“with care”) January the second. Ready for December 31st, 2007.

My resolution for that 06-07 was: close the cupboard, put top back on EVERYTHING, but continue to pitch clothes in a pile in the cold storage room formerly known as my bedroom. Mustn’t change too much too fast.

THIS YEAR I’ll put the unwanted clo’s in big black bags and bring ’em back where I got them, and pray I never look at another winter coat, I have enough to wear a different one until 2030.

So there were my glasses, danging near the phone headset, alllll yearrrrr lonnngggg

Where I forgot ’em in February….. noticed them again in May… gloated about being SO READY for this coming New Year’s !!!
then re-forgot them.
Life with A.D.D.

Well, I didn’t GET invited to any soiree, dear rider.

Lizzie and her gang were taking a break. Maybe other friends, too. The weather was not bad, but somehow…I heard not a peep and of course was guilty of not throwing one myself…

Now it’s the ninth of January, and I’ve noticed the damn glasses, sadly overlooked.

Since I’ve been gleaning, there are absolutely no opportunities for champagne tasting except going to the right parties in December. In case I haven’t said, I’m on a food budget of zero dollars per month. I cave in and shop sometimes…but also swap homebaked goodies, plus cadge ingredients now and then, like that time Carol Ness brought the cream…

This really is going to be a scrape the bottom-of-the-subject barrel, thinly disguised excuse for scribbling something about a mis-heard expression I picked up from the radio (seems all the talk’s about politics these days).

The quickest solution to the Zero Bucks Budget is a job. Richard, the carver of fine primitive weirdos, just told me something might open up at the Fairfax Library. It is extremely, no, totally impossible to get County jobs in Marin. Too many ‘health benefits’ etc to just let any old applicant get them…so…only the insiders ever do. I’m not one. But I will try for the job anyway.

Not having purchased champagne for three years…succeeding would be something to celebrate indeed.

I promise I’ll only work 20 hrs/week to leave time for the Book.
AND the blog.

I propose a toast.
May your O8 be great!


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