Really Slow Food

img_0021.jpgIt’s our second full day of NO Electricity here at Taj Mahovel…At least three times a year our little dead-end road gets yanked off the grid by high winds and heavy rain.
Strong weather is way better than television anyhow, I say.
Tons more fun running around with candles lit, taking walks in a dark dark newly strange streetscape, and enjoying Until someone gets out the noisy generator (so they can watch TV! No children on respirators in our neighborhood), then it’s “BRRRAAAAAAPPP!! ” for the duration of the storm. Luckily, no one in earshot is using one.
Fairfax folks seem pretty adaptable…there are TONS of families walking kids in strollers out, enjoying the thickly leaf- and branch covered streets.
So the blackout’s barely an inconvenience and we get to go to bed early and retire all the old routines.
Because I’m not a television person deprived of her drug of choice, there must have been a large, open port for a new Addiction (the internet) …
Within about six hours of no juice, and all the walkabout I could tolerate, all the magazines read by candle light… I was tapping my fingers on ….the kitchen table.
Make food. When in doubt, pull out something to eat.
I boiled an ear of corn.
No salt, no butter.
For a minute I just held it in both hands (for the warmth, though the wood stove was still putting out a little heat).
It was from the “back door catering co” and I’d left it in my pannier about a week…the exposed rows had little wrinkles…you really shouldn’t keep corn that long, the sugars supposedly turn to starch. But starch is my middle name!
I think there’s a reason why only 560 people have read this since September.
If you have nothing but a piece of corn to play with, and you don’t have enough light to see the whole kitchen, and play all the ingredients like you usually do, chords of this herb and that vegetable, you just heat something and feed yourself
But then…you want to be (or I do) entertaining yourself–usually the cooking does that for me…the clatter of pots and knives and water faucet etc…it’s like a tomb in here (can’t have music, no radio that has batteries, besides radio here is pretty sad)
Play with food.
Pick off each…little….. kernel…and eat it.
I used to feed my rats a kernel at a time because the ‘grab’ was so hilarious, until I found out how fun it was to watch them clamp the equivalent of a couch in their teeth, and struggle through their cage door –not able to do it, like a dog with a stick trying to pass through a narrow gate.
THat was called “Rat TV” because I did stare a lot at the ol’ rodents, by the way happy year of the rodent we’re almost there…
I’m enjoying the fact that it comes loose like a little yellow tooth, complete with little white gumline exposed.
I am too impatient (and hungry) to bother ever eating this way in ‘real life’.
But I am getting a different taste of the familiar summer cob.
It doesn’t actually seem right to be eating CORN in January….I only make it halfway round, then I succumb to the urge to uh…document really slow corn nibbling.
Then I remember Persephone and her pomegranate seeds…the six pomegranate seeds of winter…
Would Demeter, Zeus and Persephone forgive this barely digestible piece of my cobby mind?


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