Orange Soup

There is a cooking technique we use here at Taj Mahovel, the Jotul woodstove baking style.

At first we would just shove aluminum-foil wrapped vegetables into the flames, close down the stove and let the dying fire heat but not burn up the food. And the canyon would fill with smoke no doubt. We never knew, we were inside! This might be the one thing that could put us on the noisesome neighbor top ten, huh?

Well, we don’t do it that way anymore, it’s now a cleaner burning fire, and we elevate the vegetables on a little 4″ tall metal rack CC fabbed for the stove. Shall I stop explaining and get to the supper? Er, but I wanted so much to tell you about the bike ride that generated the need for a 10 minute soup. as opposed to a forty-five minute production.

Marshall Loop.

Takes 3 and a half hours no matter what shape I’m in, since I seem to get blown sideways on days I feel strong, and great tailwinds on my slower days. This time I was powered by some mystery fuel, I never even noticed the first five of the many sets of climbs…I was being pulled up!

Sunny day in West Marin, even if it is a Sunday, worth more than accountants can calculate. I’d already done my calclulation earlier in the morning, when I shelved the idea of a 60-mile each way drive (albeit a sunny nice drive…with a few dozen thousand of my fellow Bay Areans)…this drive would have connected me to the redoubtable Don Landis…but long drives, not my strong suit. He’ll forgive me… already knowing whaht a chicken shit driver I am.

Ah yes, chicken..I have stock always available, and to make this soup well, there needs to be homemade stock, veggie stock is as flavorful as any animal stock. You peel the blackened skin (one of my sweet potataes was a bit too close to the embers) and chop the soft, orange sweet potato.

Look around kitchen for ideas, and then scour fridge…there, cold ordinary potatoes, they’ll be great, and I’ll quickly saute a choped quarter onion, (big)a chopped stick of celery, and the potatoes, maybe tossed in some tomato. Yes, throw in a tomato, youlll want the color and the acid.

Throw everything mentioned into the blender. Pour in some milk, er a half coup. . Find some good stock, heat it up, pour into blender. Whirl. Salt, pepper, season to taste.

It’s thick and a little smoky and a lot orange…I drank it out of the blender, no sense in trying to aim it by the serving-spoon into my mouth. Just drink, and alternate sips of beer and bizzaro sandwich described below:

The rest of the meal was risotto in between a couple slices of bread. This is how the starving Wombat gets her strength back after a hard ride. Carbs, carbs, carbs.


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